dawcontrol offers you templates and macros that are designed to make your workflow be more “flow” and less “work”.
Everything is created with you, the end user in mind. These macros and templates grew from small personal “problem-solving” tricks to full-blown solutions for working composers.


If you can’t use it, it’s worthless. Simple. But it’s actually quite complex to create something that is easy to use. It’s a well-known paradox.
The creation of these templates and macros have not been easy and we think it shows, they’re easy to use.


While more and more things are created for the sole purpose of giving you “more of this” and “a lot more of that” dawcontrol gives you what you need, you need focus on the task at hand.
Focus means more time for creativity. Creativity means more work done. And more fun!

Logic Pro ES2

Lemur template for controlling the Logic Pro synth ES2.

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Smart Scoring

Logic Pro macro for controlling your virtual string orchestra.

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Smart Shorts

Logic Pro macro for controlling your virtual string orchestras shorter notes.

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Want cutting-edge control? Lemur template for Rob Papens amazing Blade.

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Want to control a real beast? Lemur template for Rob Papens awesome Predator.

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Ultra Analog

Want some Ultra-control? Lemur template for AAS Ultra Analog.

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