Why can't I buy anything?

Because since we are based in the European Union we need to comply with the VAT-rules effective from the 1st of January 2015. We have no idea when (or even "if") we will be back. Sorry...

How do I pay?

Everything moneywise is handled through PayPal, no worries.

How do I get hold of the files after purchase?

All orders are handled manually, so stand by for that e-mail you’ll get with instructions on how to get hold of your goods.

Will I get a fancy box?

No, all sales are digital-only.

What is “dawcontrol”?

dawcontrol is a name. It is used by Shadowglow Music as a name for selling some creative templates and macros for working composers and sound designers.

What is a “template”?

On this site a template is a creation for use with Lemur for iOS. It is meant to make your life easier. And more fun!

What is a “macro”?

On this site (again) a macro is a creation for use with Logic Pro. It is meant to make your life much easier. And fun!

What have you tested the templates on?

The templates are created with Lemur Editor 3.1.0 on a Mac Pro and tested with an iPad 1/16GB RAM running Lemur 3.1.0 on iOS 5.1.1.

And the macros?

The macros are created with Logic Pro 9.1.7 on a Mac Pro.

Who is the designer?

It’s me, Thomas Mavian. I’ve been working as a User Experience Designer for some years and as a freelance Graphic Designer/Developer before that (yes, I can use both parts of the brain, unusual I know). I like to design complete experiences, interfaces and just helping people do what they want to do. I’m also a composer. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ThomasMavian for the latest news regarding dawcontrol.

Who is the seller?

Shadowglow Music, a record label that can help you with various music-related services such as filmscoring, sound-design, songwriting and more. More info on Shadowglow Music at http://shadowglow-music.com/