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Lemur template


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Liine Lemur

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Total Alchemy Player Control, totally free!

This is a freebie for all Alchemy Player users which are in need of a MIDI-remote. This is a very simple template. Simple as in “easy to use” that is. It only has two pages. One with separate controls and one with the brilliant remix-pads. Everything is large and easy to use. And all the pads have settings for dynamics!

So how do I use this template then?

transfer it to Lemur on your iPad and MIDI-learn all the controllers and then you’re good to go! Yes it takes some setup but you’ll fix it in no time. The template sends on Lemur MIDI-port 1.

So what does this template do then?

It’s a template for Lemur. With Lemur you get to control your DAW/MIDI from an iPad. This template does not contain Lemur itself, only a controlling template for Alchemy Player from Camel Audio.

For more information about Lemur please go to: