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Lemur template




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Lemur template
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iPad (any model)
Lemur for iOS

Powerful control of your MIDI-data!

This is a very simple template. Simple as in uncluttered and easy to the eye. Behind the scenes there is more than meets the eye.

I use a lot of different sample libraries. A lot. Each developer has his or her own vision of what good control and ease of use is like. To create a controller that fits all is next to impossible. Therefore, Composers Control gives you the opportunity to have different CCs for different libraries, instantly assignable.

Why three faders? Three seems to be a magic number in what’s instantly usable. I usually have one for vibrato, one for breath control and a third for specials like overblow or plunger mutes. Each to his/her own! Setup your own!

Divided on four “pages” there are a total of twelve individual faders, three on each page. Each fader has it’s own user-assignable CC-number as well as it’s own dynamics (how the fader “feels”). Moreover, each fader has a min/max setting which let’s you use the whole faders length for a range of, say 30–82 (instead of 0-127).

This gives you the control you need to use different types of developers libraries. They are setup as CC#1 (Mod Wheel), CC#2 (Breath Control) and CC#11 (Expression) across the four pages but you can easily edit the template so that you always start with your preffered CC numbers.

And to round it off there is a “Pitch Bend” fader on every page. Also with it’s own dynamics.

So, all-in-all there are twelve user-assignable faders with independent control over min/max values and dynamics. Awesome!

Easier. More focus. Usable.

So what does this template do then?

It’s a template for Lemur. With Lemur you get to control your DAW/MIDI from an iPad. This template does not contain Lemur itself, only a controlling template for GForce Software impOSCar2.

For more information about Lemur please go to: