Logic Pro E-Synths

Take control over the EFM1, ES E, ES M, ES P and the ES1

The built-in Logic synths get real with this one!


Lemur template


Logic Pro


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Lemur template
PDF manual


iPad (any model)
Lemur for iOS
Logic Pro v9+

More info

Free version available here

Workflow – Touch!

I really enjoy working with an iPad running Lemur as a way of controlling my MIDI-data into Logic. There is in my opinion no faster way regardless if you just want to record some automation data or if you're designing new sounds.

I also really like Logics built-in synths. They are perfect for adding an extra dimension where there is a need. They are always available and they take up modest resources. They are however not the easiest plugins to use on a 30-inch screen.

Solution: build some templates for Lemur on iPad! Download the free one and try it out for yourself.

It just works!

There is no need to MIDI-learn anything, it is designed to work with Logic Pros internal fader-data. All you need to do is add a transformer to change the type of data from Controller to Fader.

So what does this template do then?

It's a template for Lemur. With Lemur you get to control your DAW/MIDI from an iPad. This template does not contain Lemur itself, only a controlling template for Logics E-synths (EFM1, ES E, ES M, ES P and the ES1).

For more information about Lemur please go to: http://liine.net/en/products/lemur/