ModWheel Converter

Take control of your Modulation Wheel Data

Why haven’t I thought of this before?

Thomas Mavian

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Logic macro


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Total ModWheel Control, totally free!

This is a freebie for all Logic Pro users which are in need of a MIDI ModWheel input converter. And what is that you say…

Convert your ModWheel data

A lot of sample libraries offer the ability to control various aspects of it’s sound via MIDI controllers (or MIDI CCs). If you only have a ModWheel on your master keyboard you’re in tough luck since you need to convert the ModWhel data to what you want to control. This macro will let you convert the incoming ModWheel data to any other MIDI controller you’d like. Easy.

Control the range

ModWheel Converter also lets you set the range of the controller in question. For example, when recording MIDI data for a soft passage, you could set the max limit to 80 and the incoming data won’t exceed that. Pretty nifty eh?

So how do I use this macro then?

It’s a macro for Logic Pros environment. Either build from the downloadable Logic project or copy the macro to your own project/template. Make sure your insert it between your keyboard (the one with the ModWheel) and the sequencer input. See screenshot number two above.