Smart Shorts

Take control over all your short notes

Believe me, this is a real timesaver!

Thomas Mavian

Logic Pro Macro + Remote template for Lemur


Logic Pro


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Macro for Logic Pro
Remote template for Lemur!
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Logic Pro v9+
Not needed but a real bonus:
an iPad with Lemur

Smarter short notes

Face it. It’s tedious to enter all those short notes one at a time or playing them on the keyboard (and cleaning up afterwards). There’s got to be a better way. There is. This way. The Smart Shorts way.

Smart Shorts is a macro for Logic Pro that helps you entering all those short notes on a track. Or why not five tracks at a time?.

So what does “Smart Shorts” do then?

It gives you a better way of getting all those short notes into Logic Pro. It functions almost as the Smart Scoring macro but now optimized for short notes.

You play a root “baseline” and up to five instruments get transposed according to your settings. Choose between 1, 3, 5 or 7 and ±1 octave.

• It features a 16-step “transposer” (or you could call it arpeggiator/sequencer/tracker if you like)
• Each step gives you the following states: off 1, 3, 5, 7 and ±1 octave
• Five independent channels
• Resolution adjustable
• Twelve scales
• Full control over velocity
• “Extra note” ability

Record all five tracks at once!

Videos on YouTube

dawcontrol – Smart Shorts

dawcontrol – Smart Scoring: Setup (Yes it’s the same setup!)

The interface of Smart Shorts has changed since the video was made. More videos will follow soon.