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Some background

I got tired of my way of working with getting the right notes on the right tracks. I usually start playing/composing/sketching on a piano track in Logic. When I’m ready I record what I’ve got and then the tedious bit starts. Copy the track to several channels, go through each channel and delete/mute unwanted notes, transpose and whatnot. Not fun and leaving me with a feeling of not being very creative or effective.

Smart Scoring is my attempt to a solution. It’s an environment macro for Logic Pro which gives me a way to sketch easier, compose faster and have more fun in the process.

With total control over the transposed notes and what note ends up on which track before the recording even begins. To be able to plan my voicings in 8 different ways and switch between them with a simple keyswitch is a very nice way to work and it suits me real well. And I think you would like it too. Download it and give it a go.

I use this layer for strings but it can be used for whatever instrument you’d like. I had some plans of building a larger environment to use with for example woodwinds but I think this layer solves 90% of the problem for almost any section of the orchestra.

So what does “Smart Scoring” do then?

When playing the keyboard, a 1-note-input gives you a 5-note-output, all transposed to what you want, on five different MIDI-channels. This gives the ability to directly record to five tracks at once from one input channel.

Since you have 8 keyswitched banks at your disposal it’s really easy to create a setup and get the notes transposed after your own voicings. On each track/channel you have control over the transposition, on/off, and what place in the chord you’d like the note to take. Nice!

Videos on YouTube

dawcontrol – Smart Scoring: First Look

dawcontrol – Smart Scoring: Setup



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